What is a syndicate

What is a syndicate


A trade union is defined as the joining of a group of workers to a specific type of organization, with the aim of improving their working conditions, as well as promoting common interests among them, so that the working person can meet with management and negotiate with it about any problem that affects him or his job, including wages and benefits. And different working conditions. The union is also called a “trade union” or “workers union.” It is worth mentioning that the union is for workers in any field: such as trade, industry, or in the field of work in companies, and others.

The role of unions

Labor unions have an important role in achieving the interests of employees, and among the most important of these roles: solving issues and problems in the workplace as they are a voice for employees representing them during negotiations.

  • Ensuring that employers fulfill their minimum obligations to employees.
  • Consider suspected violations in the workplace, and ensure that there is no discrimination between employees.
  • Managing several matters related to the persons or workers joining it, as one of its members, and among these matters:
  • Wages, salaries.
  • working hours, and retirement.
  • Health insurance, sick leave, and workplace health and safety.
  • working conditions in general.
  • Providing ways to balance work and family.
  • Studying the best ways to complete the work perfectly, and other work-related issues.

The establishment of the union

The first trade union, or union federation, arose in the nineteenth century in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, where small associations began to appear in Britain for workers in the eighteenth century, but they remained intermittent and did not last for long, due to the hostility they faced before Employers and government groups resented the new form of political and economic activity, and although unions faced all kinds of obstacles, they developed and spread.


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