What is the longest bridge in the world

What is the longest bridge in the world

Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, the longest bridge in the world

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge connects Shanghai and Nanjing through Jiangsu Province in China, with a length of 164.8 km and a height of 100 meters above the ground, so it is the longest bridge in the world. It is worth noting that it extends over the Yangtze River and is topped by the Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, passing Thus rice fields and wetlands, and the cost of its construction amounted to 8.5 billion dollars.

The longest sea bridge in the world

The Qingdao Haiyuan Bridge is the longest sea bridge in the world, with a length of 42.5 km. It connects the coastal city of Qingdao with its suburb of Huangdao and Hongdao Island on the other side of the Gulf. No less than 10,000 people have been employed to work in its construction, and consumption has been 450,000 tons of steel and 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete in the construction process.

The longest suspension bridge in the world

The Turkish Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, or as it is known as the Third Bosphorus Bridge, is the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a total length of 2,164 meters,[4] and the aim of its construction project was to establish a highway for the train linked with the Northern Marmara Highway, and it has The bridge was opened with the highway in August of 2016, to be together the most famous infrastructure projects in Turkey, as they connect the Asian and European sides of the city of Istanbul.

The longest cable-stayed bridge in the world

The Russky Bridge, which is located over the eastern Bosphorus Strait to reach Russky Island, is the longest cable-supported bridge in the world. The bridge achieved a world record in 2012 AD because of its dimensions. The length of the central bridge is 1104 meters, the cable length is 580 meters, and it rises to 70 meters. about the water level and the construction of the bridge began in September of 2008 AD, and it was opened and used in July of 2012 AD, and this bridge will likely gain importance in the transportation system in the Primorye region. Federal Programme, a project of international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

The longest arch bridge in the world

The Caotianmen Bridge is the longest arch bridge in the world, with a total length of 1741 meters from east to west, crossing the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China, surpassing the Lepu Bridge in Shanghai since 2003, with a loaded length of 550 meters, with a loaded length of 552 meters. Its construction was completed in 2009 AD, and the eastern part of the bridge extends 495 meters over land from the eastern side and 314 meters from the western side, as these two parts were constructed from cohesive beams made of prestressed concrete, and traffic on the bridge is organized on two levels where Dividing each level into 6 bi-directional lanes, in addition to the two side pedestrian lines.

The largest bridge in the world

The Milo Bridge is the largest in the world, and it is located over the Tarn Valley on the A75 motorway that connects the cities of Paris and Barcelona. A suffocating traffic crisis before the bridge was built.

The French Highways Administration (SETRA) studied a set of preliminary proposals to link the highways of the two hills bordering the Tarn Valley before designing the Millau Bridge, where the bridge designer, Michel Verlogeux, submitted a proposal that includes a road that partially descends from the valley, then crosses the remaining area. From Tarn Valley via a 700-meter-long bridge, then it reaches a tunnel on the sloping northern side of the valley, then continues its course until it reaches the highway.

All of the piers and cables for the bridge were constructed of steel, while the pillars were cast from prestressed reinforced concrete. The bridge has become the largest bridge in the world after its pillars reached a height of 242 meters, and the height of its structure is 343 meters. The bridge also inclines from north to south by a slight amount. It is estimated at 3% and has a curve with a diameter of 20,000 meters.

The highest bridge in the world

The Doge Bridge in southwestern China is the highest in the world, with a towering height of 565 meters above the valley below, and extends for a length of 1341 meters. Its construction took three years, costing the Chinese government about $ 144 million, and with this height, it exceeds the record previously recorded in the name of the River Bridge. Side is also located in China, as the latter rises more than 500 meters above the ground, while the highest bridge in terms of the height of its structural structure, regardless of its height from the ground, is the Millau Bridge in France, whose total structure is 343 meters high and extends 2,460 meters long. It took three years to build, costing the French government $415 million.

The ten longest bridges in the world

Bridges are considered important forms of construction known to man since ancient times. Their aim was to shorten distances and travel times while passing through waterways and valleys. The ten longest bridges in the world can be classified as follows:

  • Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge: The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge is located in China on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway Express, and extends to a distance of 164,800 meters. Its construction took four years and the number of contractors reached 10,000. In 2011 AD, the same year that this bridge entered the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • (Changhua-Koahsiung Bridge): This bridge is located in Taiwan and is the second longest bridge in the world, with a length of 157,317 meters. The bridge forms part of the high-speed rail system in Taiwan and extends along the western coast of the island, and it was used in January of In 2007 AD, bringing the number of passengers passing through it to 200 million passengers, only until December of 2012 AD.
  • (Cangde Grand Bridge): This bridge is located in China, and it also follows the high-speed railways that extend between Beijing and Shanghai, such as the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge. The total length of the bridge is 115,900 meters, and it was designed very solidly to make it able to withstand the pressure of earthquakes.
  • Tianjin Grand Bridge: The Tianjin Grand Bridge is located in China, and its length extends to 113.62 km. It is used as part of the railway system in China, and it previously achieved a record in the Guinness Book of Records as the second-longest bridge in the world.
  • (Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge): This bridge located in China is the fifth largest bridge in the world, after it previously held the title of the largest bridge in the world before the construction of modern bridges, with a length of 79,732 meters, and it is part of the (Zhengzhou-Xi) railway. 'an) high-speed, and its construction was completed in 2008.
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge: The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in China is the sixth longest bridge in the world, with a length of 54,717 meters. Construction of the bridge began in 2009 AD, and it was opened in October of 2018 AD. It connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau and spans the Lending and Jiuzhou canals.
  • Bang Na Highway: The Bang Na Highway in Thailand ranked seventh in the classification of long bridges, and before 2010 it was the largest bridge in the world, with a total length of 54,000 meters, and this bridge forms an elevated part of the national highway, and this bridge does not cross Water except at one point, as most of it was built on the land.
  • Beijing Grand Bridge: The Beijing Grand Bridge, located in China, is part of the Beijing-Shanghai express railway. It is 48,163 meters long and has been used as a highway for trains since 2011.
  • Lake Pontchartrain Bridge: The Lake Pontchartrain Bridge is located in the United States of America in the northern direction from New Orleans in Louisiana, and transportation is carried out over Lake Pontchartrain located on the outskirts of New Orleans, where transportation in the lake was previously carried out only by ferry, and since its opening in 1956 AD Until now, it is still the longest bridge in the United States, with a length of 38,442 meters.
  • (Line 1, Wuhan Metro Bridge): This bridge is the first line of the underground electric train transportation system in Wuhan, central China, with a length of 37,788 meters, and it was constructed in 2004 AD.

Introducing bridges

The bridge is defined as a horizontal structure stretched between the supports that are capable of carrying loads vertically, and the simple bridge consists of two beam-bearing supports, and for the bridge to be free from engineering problems, some matters must be taken into account during the design, as the supports must be strong enough to carry the structure, as The beam between the buttresses shall be sufficiently strong to carry the loads, and the beams shall be as short as possible, but may be made longer in the case of strong foundations.

Bridges are built from the public funds of the people, as it is considered a service for the interest of the people, and accordingly, the bridge must achieve three important goals, it must be economical, highly efficient, and beautiful design, as efficiency is a scientific principle measured by reducing materials and high quality, The economy is a social principle that aims to achieve efficiency with the lowest costs of construction and maintenance. As for the beautiful design, it is something symbolic or visual that shows the designer’s special touch and taste without affecting the efficiency and economy of the design. The beautiful design of bridges has been a controversial topic about its importance in contrast to efficiency and economy.


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