What is april fool

What is april fool

April Fool

April Fools' Day occurs in most countries of the world on the first day of April every year, as it is called April Fools' Day, or Fools' Day. As this day took its name from the customary activities derived from the practice of jokes on that day, which range from simple and funny jokes that are exchanged between friends, family, and co-workers.

The historical origins of April Fools' Day

  • The origins of April Fool’s Day are vague, and the prevailing theory traces it back to the year 1582 AD, the same year in which France adopted the Gregorian calendar, and it was announced that the New Year’s Day would shift from the end of March to the first of January, but according to Popular interpretation: People's ignorance and lack of knowledge of the previous announcement made them celebrate April Fool's Day on the first of April for the new year, so it was called Fools' Day, then this annual celebration moved to all parts of Europe and to other parts of the world.
  • The earliest historical reference attributed to April Fools' Day is in a Dutch poem published in 1561, which predates the adoption of the Gregorian calendar by about 21 years.
  • The Jewish Festival: It is a festival with a long history, and its occurrence coincides with the advent of the spring season. There is the celebration of wearing clothes, and the presence of carnivals "mobile amusement parks", and many jokes and pranks.
  • Constantine and Coghill: Boston University history professor "Joseph Boskin" explained that the origins of April Fool's Day go back to the time of Constantine; Where several festivals and tricks were held for the Roman imperial court, and it was considered that these tricks could restore life to the empire, as Constantine allowed the clown Kogel to be king for one day, so he issued a decree calling for ridicule on that day, and after that, it became customary to celebrate it annually, says Professor Boskin: "It was a very dangerous day. Fools appeared from the wise men, and the clown's role was to control things in a comic way."

April fish relationship April fools

Foolishly, the first of April is celebrated, and it is a very strange celebration; Tricks and deceptions take place between friends and close people, for example, celebrations are made in France through what is known as "April fish", where the name is associated with the behavior of tying fish in cardboard and placing it on the back of individuals, and despite this, the relationship Between fish and April Fools is not yet clear; As some people believe that fish are associated with Christ because it was represented as a fish in early Christian times.


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