What are the sources of obtaining information?

What are the sources of obtaining information

Information age

Informative and cognitive literacy requires knowledge of the sources from which the information is derived that will be subject to analysis and then application, hence the need for the existence of sources of information, which is considered one of the most important needs that help to understand the nature of the information, and to ensure its validity and accuracy, so the sources of information help in collecting various information, And the various that are useful in life, and through which the knowledge and knowledge required to achieve the cognitive, intellectual and cultural goals are acquired.

Reading is the oldest source of obtaining information, due to its widespread among people of all cultural levels, until it became the first source of information, but turning away from reading is one of the mistakes that many people make, and some people, even if they think about reading something, they may fall into A group of errors, the most important of which is specialization in reading; that is, following books and publications on one field only, and also from other mistakes not benefiting from reading on a personal level; As the intellectual mentality of some readers remains the same and does not change, which leads to the failure to achieve the desired benefit from reading.

the information

Information is known in English as the term (Information), and it is one of the concepts derived from the triple verb (knowledge), and information is considered part of human knowledge; As it contributes to helping a person distinguish between right and wrong, and makes him more knowledgeable in a certain field, and information is also defined as every text, news, or idea that leads to knowing the truth of what helps to apply or implement a specific thing. Another definition of information is that it is a set of concepts that are deduced from specific sources, and people need it in many fields, whether public or private, such as study and work.

Information terms

For the information to be classified as reliable and usable as true and accurate sources, the following conditions must be met:

  • The existence of an environment specialized in studying public or private information in a field to ensure the accuracy of the information to describe it as correct.
  • Choosing a group of people specialized in all fields of knowledge to ensure the validity of the information, such as linguists, doctors, economists, lawyers, engineers, and others.
  • Relying on research methods and tools specialized in verifying the truth of the information, by relying on an accurate research method.
  • reliance on written and digital textual documentation; To contribute to preserving information, and protecting it from loss or change.

Information sources

Information sources include all means, methods, and tools through which information is obtained, whether in written, visual, or audio form. Also, sources of information are defined as any means that help provide information that is revealed in advance, used in achieving a goal, and becomes usable later in a field, such as information that is published in scientific journals, which depend on information sources for accurate research.

Types of information sources

Obtaining information depends on a group of sources, which are divided into the following types:


Books are the first source of information, and they are the most common source of learning among people because they provide a lot of information in all fields and specializations. As books have many forms and types, and it is not enough that reading books is limited to one field or only one type of information, rather reading must depend on many other diverse fields, and not be confined to the specialization of the reader only.


Magazines are a collection of written and illustrated articles and texts, which contain a lot of information. The nature of the information contained in the magazines depends on its main topic, for example, general magazines are interested in publishing all information about all fields, while specialized magazines are interested in publishing articles, texts, and information That specializes in a specific field, such as medical journals, science magazines, children's magazines, business administration magazines, and other magazines, which are keen to ensure that the source of their information is very accurate, and contains a high degree of credibility.

Academic publications

Academic publications are a type of journal, but they are more specialized and are usually associated with university educational institutions and scientific institutes. It contains publications specialized in studies offered by the university in general, or in one of the humanities or scientific colleges within the university, and a group of qualified scientists, researchers, and lecturers who have sufficient experience in the field of academic publishing, and verifying information, are keen to prepare this type of information source. published.


Databases are a set of electronic rules that are stored digitally in computers and contain a lot of correct information, which depends on transmission from reliable sources such as books and magazines, university research and studies, news newspapers, or television stations, and it saves all information in a manner Arranged and appropriate according to letters, numbers, and other search methods.

Daily newspapers

Daily newspapers are very old sources of information, which often provide general information in many areas. Such as politics, economics, sociology, family, and others. Newspapers are considered reliable sources of information. It relies on transmitting news through a group of writers and reporters who are keen to convey the news and verify the information contained therein.


Websites are one of the latest sources of information, and most of these sites rely on the use of databases that contain the correct information, but not all the information contained in these sites needs to be correct, unless they are specialized sites, such as news sites for daily newspapers, television stations, or websites Electronic books of international organizations and institutions, or electronic encyclopedias that contain a set of correct information in various fields.


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