What are the new and old means of communication?

What are the new and old means of communication?


Communication is defined as a process in which information is exchanged and transferred from one place or people to other places and people successfully, through verbal, written, or graphic means. A group of individuals and the means of communication are used to communicate ideas and exchange information and emotions between the sender and the receiver so that it is used in the work environment.

old means of communication

Writing system using symbols

In the walls of the caves, the researchers found expressive images engraved in them dating back to thousands of years BC, when man used this method to tell stories and record history in the form of paintings and a series of symbols that are engraved on the rocks and walls of the caves, and examples of the caves in which these paintings were found It is the Chauvet Cave in France, where the painting dates back to 30,000 BC.

Smoke signals

Smoke signals are considered one of the oldest means of communication, as China was the first to use smoke in certain patterns to send messages along the Great Wall of China, as warning signals to soldiers over long distances and in a short time to alert them in case of danger or to convey news, and the American Indians used smoke signals to send distress signals, while some regions still use signs until the present time, such as the cardinals in Rome, as they use smoke when choosing a new pope for the church.

the carrier pigeon

The homing pigeon is considered one of the most famous methods that people used in the past, as the Romans used it more than 2000 years ago, and it was common to use the homing pigeon to transmit messages in wars between armies and between merchants, as it is characterized by its good knowledge of roads and directions, and it played an important role in the first two world wars And the second.


Postal mail is one of the ancient and modern means, the first to be used by the Egyptians in 2400 BC, and the mail is still effective until now, but with a more organized and organized system, as the French de Valaire established in the year 1653 AD the postal system that is currently used, in which special boxes are used to deliver messages It is part of a paid service, and Persia, China, and Rome in the past worked to organize postal systems as well.

The Telegraph

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph to speed up the process of receiving and sending messages over long distances, where Morse invented ciphers for the letters of the Latin alphabet, and he also transmitted messages in the form of a series of clicks, tones, and lights, and in the year 1830 AD Morse integrated these ciphers with the telegraph device, so this step was a point The beginning of the distance communication revolution, and the first actual telegraph was sent in 1844 AD.

Modern communication channels


A fax is a device used to transmit documents, images, and texts. It scans these files via wires or radio waves, and transfers them to another fax machine attached to a printer that receives the incoming waves via the modem, and translates them into texts or graphics identical to those sent from the other party.

Phone and cell phone

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, and its function is to transmit and receive sounds between two parties at the same time, and it is easy to use and inexpensive, which made it popular and spread around the world. As the call is transmitted from one phone to another, and the first commercial cellular phone appeared on the market in 1983 AD, of the Motorola type.


It is a network through which data and information are transmitted, as the person using it can conduct his financial services through it, shop from within the home, send e-mail, exchange files, conduct video, and audio conferences remotely, use social networking sites, and many other things that are also available. The Internet is being used everywhere in the world today.


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