Ways to give gifts

Ways to give gifts

Ways to give gifts

There are different ways to present many types of gifts, including the following:

Ways to present jewelry

Giving jewelry is sometimes more fun than receiving it, especially when it is presented in non-traditional ways, including the following:

  • Serving jewelry as a dish for dinner: placing the piece of jewelry in a dish with a lid so will be a surprise to the gifted person when he removes the lid from the dish or decorates his piece of cake with a piece of jewelry.
  • Decorating a teddy bear with jewelry: choosing the shape of a stuffed animal that the gifted loves, and hanging a piece of jewelry on it to present the gift, and a string can be used to hang jewelry on the teddy bear.
  • Putting jewelry in usual places at home: The wife can be surprised with jewelry by placing it in something that the wife uses daily, such as placing a piece of jewelry in a book she is reading, as a bookmark to present to her.
  • Delivery of the gift to the place of work: The piece of jewelry is sent with a bouquet of roses or hung on a rose from the bouquet, and thus the gifted person shares the joy of the gift with his colleagues at work.
  • Presenting the gift with a message: Presenting the piece of jewelry by placing it inside a message, especially if it is of a suitable size, and beautiful phrases or verses of poetry about the beloved are written in the message if the gift is for the wife.

Ways to give money

Money is usually presented as a gift in an envelope, but it is possible to choose an interesting way to present it and to move away from the usual methods, including the following:

  1. Pizza box: Money can be presented by placing it in a pizza box, and securities can be arranged inside it in the form of pizza pieces, as a surprise to the gifted person.
  2. Chocolate box: A chocolate box is emptied of chocolate, then the money is put in its place.
  3. Rose pot: Make money in the shape of a rose, place it in a small pot, and write the name of the gifted person on the pot.
  4. Balloon: Money is placed inside a balloon so that the gifted person has to pop the balloon to get the money.
  5. Candy jar: Hide the money after wrapping it in a clean napkin inside the candy jar, to surprise the gifted person with money.

Ways to submit tickets

Different types of tickets can be presented as gifts, as they may be tickets for an event or travel tickets, and there are several ways to present them, including the following:

  • Placing the tickets in a conspicuous place: placing the tickets in front of the recipient, in a place he frequents frequently, such as his wardrobe or office.
  • Making a prank to deliver the tickets in person: contacting the recipient, telling him of the need for him to come to talk to him about an important matter, and showing him the tickets when he arrives.
  • Ticket packaging: This method depends on the importance of the tickets, so travel tickets are placed in a large box, for presentation, and concert tickets, for example, are placed inside a small box, or wrapped in a gift wrap.
  • Presenting tickets through social media: tickets can be photographed, taking into account the concealment of the ticket’s barcode, publishing the image on social media, and making a signal for the gifted to see the image.

Ways to give gifts to the family

There are distinct ways to present gifts to children in the family, or to a member of the family, whatever the type of gift, including the following:

  • Treasure Hunt: Present the gift by drawing a map that leads the gifted to the location of the gift.
  • Solving a jigsaw puzzle: a picture symbolizing the gift is drawn on a piece of paper, or it is printed, then the paper is cut into several small pieces, which forces the gifted to solve the puzzle to know his gift, and jigsaw puzzles (jigsaw puzzles) can also be used to gift the family a holiday Tourism, by bringing a puzzle game that represents a picture of one of the landmarks of that tourist area, and the family has to solve the puzzle of assembling the picture to know the holiday area.
  • The riddle: This is done by composing a riddle whose answer is the name of the gift, and leaving the gifted to solve it, until he receives his gift, or to know the gift by asking a specific number of questions, whose answers are limited to yes or no.

Tips for choosing gifts

The following tips can be followed to help choose the right gift for everyone:

  • Gifting tickets to a show, a play, or a movie, when the person is interested in that, such as having a book that talks about the subject of the show, or publications and pictures of it.
  • Writing a list of the person's favorite things, and the things that represent his personality, followed by thinking about each matter in the list and meeting him with an idea for a gift, then reducing the possibilities for a few gifts and choosing one gift from that number, so that the gift is distinctive and suits his taste and the things he loves.
  • Remember things from the person's past, such as putting a picture of someone dear to him in a frame and gifting it to him.
  • Thinking about what the person really needs, to gift it to him, such as gifting an agenda to someone who is very busy and needs to organize his time.
  • Remember what that person wishes to obtain, and this can be known without asking him, by observing the evidence in his posts on social networking sites, or reading his comments on the posts, as it is possible to surprise the person with a gift that he forgot that he wanted.
  • Finding different ways to make a gift of a personal nature, such as: writing poetry, or making a handmade gift, and attaching it with another gift that suits the person and suits his taste.
  • Comically giving a gift to make the person laugh, such as gifting a bag of potatoes to a close friend who loves potatoes, but inside him is a suitable gift for him, so the bag of potatoes is just a joke.
  • Donating to a charitable organization that is concerned with a cause that occupies a person, or has a passion for it, especially when he is unable to find something that person needs so he finds donating a beautiful gesture.

the gift

The gift gives the gifted a feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction, as he did not give the gift out of a desire in return for it, but he gave it to make the gifted happy, and to know that he is thinking of him and that he is a special person for him, as many thoughts and feelings can be expressed through the gift, such as gifting The mother, father, or a family member to express feelings of love and appreciation to him, in addition to that, the gift plays a major role in strengthening social bonds and is considered a symbol to express the celebration of many happy occasions, such as Christmas, wedding anniversary, and moreover, it has a role in maintaining relationships and communication between people.


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