Media types

Media types

Media and its development

The world has evolved and differed greatly compared to what it was in the past, and this development was the result of several revolutions, including the revolution in the development of media and communication. Where the media has developed over successive periods and not a short time and the beginning of its launch was at the beginning of the mid-twentieth century, which greatly affected the establishment and establishment of satellite channels with various purposes, goals, and tools, so it included various means of communication, read, audio and visual.

Through a careful historical look, human societies have not dispensed with the media and practiced it since time immemorial, since the existence of man on this earth and from the days of caves and primitive tribes, as he was guided by his instinct for being a social being who loves exchanging news within the frameworks of his knowledge and circumstances, and his need for information increased with the progress of ages. It had a great impact on places of worship and gatherings.

Media concept

Media linguistically is to inform, (and I informed the people, i.e. I communicated to them what was required).

Media is defined as the process in which news, facts, opinions, and ideas are disseminated among people by various available means, to persuade, spread awareness, and obtain support. The German media specialist, Autogrut, defines media as: (the objective expression of the masses' mentality, spirit, tendencies, and trends at the same time).

Media types

Media can be classified into three main types:

print media

Paper, ink, and a printer are used to display it, and the most important of these means are:

Newspapers and newspapers

The newspapers and newspapers published in every country are a clear example of the role and importance of the media in broadcasting news of all kinds, whether global, regional, or local. And the newspaper or newspaper writes inside it an article presented in an informative and artistic way that contains the news, presents its analysis, and contains articles and opinions of writers and writers, in addition to many other angles such as advertisements.

One of the characteristics of the newspaper is that it is issued periodically. either daily or weekly, just as the history of journalism is ancient; It began publishing the first newspaper in the world in the year 1605 AD in France. It is worth noting that newspapers and newspapers are among the most prominent and powerful media outlets, and one of the most influential in shaping public opinion in societies through the opinions, articles, investigations, and pictures they broadcast.


Magazines differ from newspapers and newspapers in their form, content, and the discussions they present, as their body consists of a cover, like a book, and it has a page dedicated to topics and contents, after which it begins to display topics and contents such as news, and then discusses them, and it has specialized pages for many topics, such as fashion, art, food, and fashion.

It is also issued periodically; Either monthly or as decided by its creators. In 1731 AD, the first magazine in the world was published in London, and its name was Al-Sayed magazine (in English: Gentleman’s magazine).

non-print media

They are classified into audio, visual, and electronic means, according to the media tool that they present, including:

the television

Television is one of the most important and latest tools and influential media, and one of the means that is difficult to leave and dispense with. Because he enjoys a large audience among people and has power in public opinion in society.

Television has developed greatly since the first experiment in its invention in 1848 AD, to its first advertising broadcast in 1941 AD through specialized stations in the United States, after which it became widespread and spread in Western European countries.

Television is unique from other media in several ways, including:

  • Television combines sound and image, combining the characteristics of audio and video advertising, which contributes to drawing the viewer's attention and supporting the idea, and establishing it in his mind.
  • The multiplicity of channels, programs, and paragraphs, the multiplicity of advertisements, and the period allocated for them, help the advertiser reach any category of the audience at any time.
  • Television programs are all local, which contributes to increasing the impact on public opinion.
  • Television has the advantage of being believable by viewers, as a result of the increased hours of broadcasting, viewing, and attendance on it.
  • Television is the most important and best media for advertising goods, commodities, and services that contain visual details.

Radio or radio

The radio is considered one of the audible media because the audience does not see the one who broadcasts the news, and although the vision is not achieved, the hearing achieves communication between the broadcaster and the recipient. It is noteworthy that the inventor Henry Hertz was the first to invent an invention of magnetic frequencies in 1889 AD, and the first radio was invented in 1895 AD. The radio provides many options for the listener, from news and discussion stations to sports, Quran, and entertainment stations.

The radio is distinguished by several things, including:

  • Everyone can buy it due to its low cost.
  • It does not need much skill to operate and use it.
  • The possibility of its spread to cover large areas, whether regional or national.
  • The possibility of continuing its broadcast around the clock after the invention of devices that support this feature, which enables the audience to determine the time that suits them to receive the content.
  • It is small in size and light in weight, which makes it easy to carry and use.
  • The possibility of receiving broadcasts anywhere and when doing any action, such as sports, for example, or in the car, which makes it a useful means that enables the public to learn remotely if they want to.


The Internet is one of the most modern media in the world, and it combines written, audio, visual and electronic characteristics, where a person can browse various websites with ease, and it is worth noting that the Internet appeared to the world for the first time in 1969 AD. The Internet made a major revolution in the world of media and communication as a result of its great spread throughout the world and helped in connecting the whole world under one space, which allowed the exchange of cultures and ideas, and all of this contributed to making it the best media in linking individuals and groups and achieving their communication.

What distinguishes the Internet is that it is completely independent of states and their policies, which does not allow anyone to control it, its contents, and the opinions and ideas offered to it. It also provides many services and contains a huge amount of information.


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