How to learn the art of etiquette

How to learn the art of etiquette

Conversational etiquette

Among the etiquette of talking and dialoguing with people are the following:

  • Do not interrupt people while they are speaking.
  • Mention people's names when talking about them.
  • Do not speak in a language that the other person does not know or understand.
  • Do not get ahead of others, if you know the joke or the story the other person is telling.
  • Avoid talking about things that disgust the other person.

Public etiquette

There are many general etiquette and morals that an individual should adopt, including the following: A man keeps the cigarette out of his mouth when saying hello to a woman or when he passes by a strange woman.

  1. Allowing men the way for women in narrow places or on stairs going up or down.
  2. Young women give way to older people and show respect.
  3. Standing in a corner that does not obstruct the movement of pedestrians when meeting someone on the street and standing to talk to him.
  4. Express gratitude when receiving services.

Other etiquette art etiquette

There are other rules of etiquette, including:

  • Not to exaggerate.
  • Not referring to people.
  • Don't underestimate anyone.
  • Do not leave the house with obscene words.
  • Do not neglect friends.
  • Not laughing at the misfortunes of others.
  • Giving non-false promises.
  • Not giving a gift with the intention of getting a gift in return.
  • Don't talk about yourself in an exaggerated way.
  • Not brushing teeth and nails in a public place.
  • Not to interfere in other people's affairs.
  • Not wishing for gifts and gifts.
  • Not looking at other people's phones and looking at what they read or write.
  • Not touching or touching others to draw their attention when talking to them.
  • Not answering questions asked of others.
  • Not giving the property of others to anyone without permission from the owner of the thing.
  • Return of borrowed money.
  • Not making movements that may disturb others, such as talking loudly, etc.
  • Smiling in the face of others when bumping into them.
  • Apologise when wrong.
  • Accept the apology.
  • Compliment people and say words of flattery to encourage them.
  • Eating and speaking in a hoarse voice

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