How do I surprise my girlfriend?

How do I surprise my girlfriend

How do I surprise my girlfriend?

Many ideas can be done to surprise a friend, including the following:

Invite her to lunch

One of the gestures that may make a friend happy on a tiring workday is to surprise her by going to her workplace and inviting her to eat at her favorite restaurant during her break time, or it is possible to bring food to her at her workplace if she is unable to leave from work.

Leave a note for her

In the case of a limited financial budget that does not allow the purchase of an expensive surprise gift or work, it is possible to resort to writing a note for the friend and leaving it at her workplace, home, or any other place where she may be, and writing some kind words about her, describing her magnificence, appreciation, and gratitude for her friendship.

Bouquet of roses

There is nothing better than sending a bouquet of roses to a friend's workplace or home; It is considered one of the best gifts that may be given to girls, as most girls love roses. It is possible to gift a friend a beautiful plant if she loves plants and can take care of them.

One day trip

This is by planning a trip to a nearby place such as a public park, or a tourist area for recreation, spending quality time together, and bringing happiness to the heart of a friend.

Painted portrait

One of the nice surprises that may please a friend is to gift her a carefully drawn painting, provided that a beautiful picture of her is chosen to paint beautifully.

Surprise visit

If the friend is in another distant city or has not met her for a long period, one of the most beautiful surprises that she will love and leave a great impression on herself is to visit her at her home without an appointment, as it will be a big surprise for her when she opens the door and sees her friend in front of her.

Memory video

One of the ideas is to surprise a friend by filming a short video in which the friend's family and close friends talk about her and her best qualities, in addition to supporting her in her life and work through encouraging and motivational phrases.

Treasure hunt game

It is one of the entertaining and fun surprises that will add fun and joy to the same friend, and this game is played by leaving some clues in different places, and the friend must follow these clues, find them, and work on solving them so that she can reach the final place, where she will find a beautiful gift or a party waiting for her Surprising, but these clues should not be so difficult that you find a problem to solve them and take a long time to reach the end.

Giving gifts

What may make a friend happy and bring joy to her heart is giving her a surprise gift without a special occasion, even if this gift is simple, it is measured by its moral value [4], and from ideas for low-cost gifts:

  • A handmade gift, such as printing a friend's photo on a mug, or on a mobile cover, or it is possible to make a photo frame and decorate it beautifully.
  • A box containing some gifts, such as cosmetics, a skincare set, or some sweets that a friend prefers.
  • If she likes to do sports, she can be surprised with a gift of a subscription to a sports club.
  • It can be given as a gift that you can use later, like tickets to a concert, or a spa day.

Gathering old friends

It is possible to invite old school friends or childhood friends to one of the places, such as a restaurant or cafe, or to plan a surprise party, and then bring the friend to the place of the invitation and surprise her by bringing all her friends together so that it is an opportunity to restore memories, reunite, and make the friend happy.

Other ideas to surprise your girlfriend

  • Cooking her favorite meal, by learning how to do it and mastering it, and then cooking and making it for her.
  • If the girlfriend is married and has children; The best surprise that can be presented to her is to stay with her children and take care of them for a certain time so that she has the opportunity to spend time with herself away from the responsibilities of the children and the house.
  • Invite her to have a cup of coffee, tea, or her favorite drink and pay the bill for it.
  • Bring popcorn, spend time with her at home, and watch a movie of your choice.
  • Place a large bunch of balloons in her car, locker, or home so that she will be surprised when she opens the door with such a surprise and a beautiful gesture.

Tips for preparing a surprise for a girlfriend

Here are some tips to follow when planning a surprise for your best friend:

  • The friend's personality and nature play a role in choosing the type of surprise. If she loves adventures and new experiences, then it is possible to surprise her with a trip to a region she has not visited before, and if the friend is of the social type and outgoing, then throwing a surprise party and inviting friends will be a pleasant surprise for her, but if she is introverted by nature, it is better to limit the surprise to spending time together. Like staying at home, watching her favorite movie, or being a surprise gift that she can enjoy alone at any time.
  • Getting to know a friend's interests and hobbies, or the things she needs and wants to acquire will help in choosing the appropriate type of surprise.
  • Choosing a suitable place to make a surprise; Especially if the surprise party is a party with a lot of invitees.
  • The aim of the surprise is to show appreciation and gratitude for this special friend, who is always there when she is needed, and therefore it is preferable not to wait for a specific occasion to surprise the friend, and it should not be exaggerated when planning it, so the simpler the surprise, the closer it is to the heart.

friendship relationship

Friendship is considered one of the highest human relationships, and a loyal and true friend is considered one of the most precious gifts that a person may receive in this life, and a true friend is always beside his friends in all happy and even sad times for support and assistance without waiting for anything in return, and the most beautiful and best The moments that friends spend together, as these moments increase the positive energy between them, which makes life happier and more reassuring. One of the common mistakes that some people may make is to take for granted the presence of those friends who love them and care about them in their lives. They become preoccupied with them and neglect constant communication with them, which makes the friend feel that he is not important and frustrated with this relationship. Therefore, work must be done to maintain the strength of the relationship by showing appreciation and gratitude to the friend, giving him more time, being there for him most of the time, and preparing some surprises for him, which are refreshing. That relationship between time and time.


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